Embody by Nadia™ has teachers worldwide from all walks of life.

Teachers are listed alphabetically by the city they teach in.

Scroll down to find a teacher in your area.
Embody by Nadia™ has teachers worldwide from all walks of life.

Teachers are listed alphabetically by the city they teach in.

Scroll down to find a teacher in your area.
Nadia Munla
The Creator of Embody
I believe that our bodies are boss. Always. And when we get on the same team, and start to understand how our bodies speak to us, we can see their innate way of re-calibrating & healing themselves. I wake up each day and fiercely devote myself to a world where women can feel safe and vibrant in their sensual, erotic & gorgeous feminine bodies. I'm already in love with your inner dancer. There is NOTHING she can bust out that I won't love.

Read Nadia's story HERE.

Instagram: @nadiamunla & @embodyclass
WEBSITE: nadiamunla.com

I've Trained With:
Founder of SFactor Movement - Sheila Kelley
Somatic Psychotherapist & High Priestess - Elayne Kalila Doughty
Women's Leadership Coach - Nisha Moodley
Meditation Expert & Life Coach - Terri Cole
Women's Health Expert - Alisa Vitti
Institute of Integrative Nutrition - Hollistic Health Coach
Sfactor Studios NY - Movement Instructor Training
XPole - Xpert Pole Instructor (Levels 1-3)
Fly Gym - Instructor Certification
Solveig Pedersen
Anchorage, AK

Solveig Pedersen is a certified Embody teacher, as well as a Certified Professional Coach, and university Communication instructor. She holds a master's degree in Professional Communication - and her thesis focused on the way people understand and communicate about nonviolence. Her coaching practice - Sol + Heart - provides heart-centered life, love, and leadership coaching and teaching for changemakers. She is based in Anchorage, Alaska and offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online courses, workshops, Embody classes, and retreats throughout the state and beyond.

Solveig sees womxn connecting in with their bodies, their femininity, and their inner power and potency as an integral part of co-creating a more peaceful and loving world. When womxn are embodied and connected to their inner wisdom, when they are appreciating and owning their feminine genius, and when they feel courageous, kind, authentic, and free, they are unstoppable. She is excited for the healing and connection with our bodies and inner strength that comes through this work. And also, she helps womxn feel love and appreciation for themselves and their bodies - no matter their size, shape, lived experience, etc.

Instagram: @solandheart

For information on Solveig’s classes in Anchorage, please email sol@solandheart.com.

Marisa Hallsted
Aspen, CO

A Registered Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Teacher and Meditation Guide, Marisa is a passionate Self-Exploration Guide helping women and men connect to their true nature's light. She is also a foodie and Certified Sommelier and guides workshops on mindful enjoyment of tasting integrating all one's senses to live a more embodied life. She is LIT UP to add Certified Embody Dance Teacher to her offerings, as a former dancer, she believes that the power to change the world around you comes from allowing your unique soul's dance to COME ALIVE.

Instagram: @hi_marisoul

Amber Wheatley
Bangor, Wales, UK

Calm and enchanting, Amber lovingly guides her students through a carefully curated musical experience to re-introduce them to their body’s wisdom. Amber is a certified yoga teacher and a practicing family medicine physician. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness and encourages self-empowerment and community care in guiding healing.

Amber is the co-founder of Black Empowers Black, an online support group for women racialized as black which seeks to provide a sense of community and nurturing. Amber was inspired to add Embody to her repertoire of tools for the collective rejuvenation of women racialized as black after experiencing the transformative power of Embody for herself. She looks forward to offering this magic to other women of colour.

For information on Amber's Embody classes:
E-mail: vashwheatley@gmail.com
Insta: @herbal.amber or @cobhpodcast

Samia El Meouchi
Beirut, Lebanon

Samia’s first Embody class with Nadia was the stepping-stone to her ongoing journey on the path of embodiment and self-discovery. Prior to that, she had been a lawyer for 15 years and had ended up being disembodied and disconnected from her true self. Through her ongoing personal journey of self-discovery and healing, which included working with Nadia as her coach and mentor, and uncovering her truth and her gifts, she is now aspiring to become a healer, and hopes to be of service to as many as possible. She is a firm believer in the healing power of love, kindness and compassion, fiercely devoted to womanhood, and hopes that she will have the honor of guiding you through an Embody journey some day.

For information on Samia’s classes in Beirut, check out @samiou22.

Michelle O’Neill
Bonita Springs, FL

Michelle is an embodied, sensual woman, living with burning desire and intuition as her guide.  She is a mother, transformational coach, Sheila Kelley S Factor (pole dance) instructor since 2007, and movement studio owner. One of Michelle’s greatest joys is being a co-owner of Pole and Aerial Fitness in Bonita Springs, FL, where she dedicates her time to guiding women to connect with their power, pleasure and play through movement practice. She loves teaching group classes, private lessons and offering special workshops. Michelle especially enjoys working with archetypes and is thrilled to be able to offer Embody classes at local studios and as part of immersive experiences around the world.

A lifelong student and dancer, Michelle is currently taking lessons in salsa, rumba, hustle and burlesque. She is grateful for the opportunity and freedom to express herself through dance and eager to guide any woman who wants to learn more about her body, her emotions, and the gifts of un-choreographed movement.

Instagram: @coachingwithmichelleoneill

Alex Jamieson
Brooklyn, NY

As the best-selling author of Women, Food & Desire, co-creator and co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, and highly-sought-after wellness expert for thousands, Alexandra Jamieson has made it her mission to empower women to create epic lives - by honoring their cravings and kicking body shame to the curb.

Alex is the creator of Her Rules Radio, a #1 rated podcast on iTunes where listeners from around the world are educated and captivated by though-provoking interviews on wellness, cravings, sexuality, and more. As a life-long learner, her wellness expertise has grown out of a decade of experience, as well as her education at the Natural Gourmet Institute, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certification in Applied Positive Psychology.

Her work has been praised and adored by Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Goop, Martha Stewart Living, the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Elle, Marie Claire, USA Today, People, and the American Heart Association, amongst many others.

Instagram: @deliciousalex

Vanessa Knight
Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I’m Vanessa - new Embody dance teacher extraordinaire! I admittedly spent the first half of my adult life at war with my body; disconnected and daydreaming of having a more socially acceptable one. If I was thinner: people would like me more; I would have a beautiful relationship with my body; I would date Brad Pitt; my weight would never fluctuate again; I would ooze sensuality; I would have my dream job; I would dance naked in a field of flowers; I would be free and celebrated. This had been my quest since I was 11 and I never questioned that it would be something that I would continue striving for my entire life. Until I did question it. Through feminine movement, I found a safe home within myself. A place where I *already was* all of those things I strived to be. At Embody dance classes I finally greeted the powerful force of my femininity that I deeply knew was somewhere within me since birth but had been shrouded by social conditioning. And through that listening I was finally able to unlock my playful inner little girl and give her room to breathe and giggle! I’m passionate about guiding other fat women through their own journeys of reclaiming their full expression and their right to beautifully journey throughout this life! Let’s dance.

For information on Vanessa’s classes in Brooklyn, check out @vanessa.knight.

Paula Ramasescu
Bucharest, Romania

Paula is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, who strongly believes there is a wisdom of the feminine body that never fails us if we learn how to truly listen to her. She is passionate about creating connection and taking the lead to get her clients to the places they dream to go to, but do not know how to reach them. It is an honor to be able to facilitate and jump-start transformation in women through Embody. It is simply changing lives, one woman at a time.

For information on Paula’s classes in Bucharest, please email paula.ramasescu@yahoo.com.

Morgan Renaldo
Buffalo, NY

Morgan is an emotional health coach and personal trainer who works with women to heal their relationship with food and their body. She believes that every woman deserves to live in a body that she loves. Her personal journey with body image and disordered eating has prepared her to guide you to healing.

Stephanie Burg
Charleston, SC

Stephanie Burg supports women around the world to embody their passion, joy & creativity and heal themselves by connecting to their body, pleasure, and intuition.  

Stephanie was a professional ballerina for over a decade and is now a trauma-informed, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Women’s Embodiment Guide, Therapeutic Dance + Meditation Teacher, Sacred Circle facilitator and a continuous student of the healing arts.

Stephanie believes that the pathway to a woman’s greatest vitality is not achieved solely through the power of her mind, but by softening inward and going beyond the wiring of her thoughts to a place where she feels safe within to just be.  

Through private coaching, soulful & inspiring community gatherings and exquisite & nourishing retreats, Stephanie brings women together in a safe, authentic community so that they may create a life ecology that supports their greatest vitality.

Instagram: @stephaniemburg

For information on Stephanie’s classes in Charleston, check out stephanieburgcoaching.com/events.

Tasha Brandt
Cleveland, Ohio

Tasha is an empowerment coach in the midst of earning her master's degree in social work to become a Holistic Psychotherapist. Tasha is the client care coordinator for The Kinswomen; A place to bridge the gaps between white people and people of color from a place of love and compassion. She is a body love enthusiast who facilitates awakened spaces for women to fearlessly inhabit their bodies and create conscious connection with themselves. Tasha's Embody classes are housed at Willow Room Salon and Wellness Studio, an eco & socially conscious business dedicated to nurturing hearts & hair, in Cleveland, Ohio.

For more information on Tasha's offerings, please visit her Instagram page @Tasha_ Brandt_.

Lela Woodard
Denver, CO
Jenny Tosner
Durango, CO
Vanessa Basford
Exeter, England

Vanessa is passionate about self love, feeling whole and accepting and honouring our true selves. She loves that she can enhance peoples lives with that through talking, dance or a touch therapy. Vanessa is a massage therapist, reiki healer, certified Jungian life coach and Embody teacher.  Vanessa specialises in love and relationship coaching as she feels her relationships and breakups have been her greatest teachers in life and loves supporting people through this. She offers her life coaching on zoom or in person at the therapy pod within the beautiful Luna and Wolf yoga studio in Devon. This is where she gives treatments and also holds her embody classes.

For more infomation on Vanessa's classes in Exeter, check out @vanessabasford or vanessabasford.com.

Brit Franko
Fairfield, CT

Everyone has their own journey they have to go on in life. Through embodiment work Brittany saw herself find a safe place to just be free. Brittany believes everyone can be the best possible version of
themselves through movement which is one of the reasons why she loves practicing and teaching Embody. She believes the human body is meant to move yet, we do not move then enough. As a fitness and health coach, she embraces embodiment to help her clients improve their mind body connection. Brittany knows that true transformation is available because she saw an amazing transformation in herself. Brittany is now extremely excited to pass on the joy of embodiment others.

Halley Ceglia Terrell
Fairfield, CT

Halley Ceglia Terrell is a licensed clinical social worker, life coach and yoga teacher who recently incorporated Embody Dance Class in her list of passions and practices. Halley’s driven to support women through their healing journeys and feels the somatic connection of the body is key. Embody has offered her a new sense of personal reflection and growth, while bringing the concepts and practice to other women. Halley brings an eclectic arrangement of methods to each session she facilitates and always creates a loving environment for those she encounters. Halley is ready to bring Embody Dance classes to her community in Fairfield, CT.

Instagram: @halleycegliaterrellcsw

Jeannine Yoder
Fairfield, CT

Jeannine Yoder is a New York Times Featured Business & Feminine Leadership Coach For Coaches, Broadway Starlet, Founder of Mentor Masterclass, The Sisterhood Mastermind and The Captivate Retreat. Jey leads women around the world to become time, location, financially free and mastery trained life coaches. Through sisterhood, integration of the divine feminine/masculine energies within us and her signature RSVP method, Jey intimately coaches women to manifest a purpose driven business and lead from their soul essence.

Her students have become sought after thought leaders in Mentor Masterclass, an all-in personalized life coach training program to help women learn from the best and launch their business with the support of celebrity mentors and a soul powered sisterhood. She believes you are destined to be of service through your unique gifts and self discovery is the key. Jeannine is honored and inspired to bring the mission and experience of Embody Dance to her live retreats and events.

Instagram: @jeannine.yoder

Magnolia Barrett
Fort Bragg, CO

Magnolia is an Integrative Wellness Coach, plant appreciator, and lover of the Earth. She is on an ever-unfurling journey of remembering and revitalizing her relationship with natural rhythms, seasons, cycles, and Earth entities (plants, animals, and more!), and Embody has become an integral practice for her. After working for years in activism, local food movements, and environmental non-profits, she realized that as valuable as it is to fight  systems of exploitation and oppression, it is just as important to know what we are fighting for...what we want...what we desire...and to breathe life into what we know is possible. In each class, Embody invites her into more intimacy with herself and the world and gives her more permission to express (and discover) the range of her aliveness. It has helped her shed layers of restrictive conditioning and cultivate the confidence to fully be herself. She can't wait to share Embody with other women and to weave the principles into her other coaching and Earth connection offerings.

For information on Magnolia's classes in Fort Bragg email maggie@magnoliabarrett.com or find her on Instagram @ancient_sapling.

Cara Viana
Fort Collins, CO & Kailua-Kona, HI

Cara Viana Hollenbeck is a teacher, healer, gifted intuitive and coach.   She practices playful spirituality and helps bring you back into connection with the broader essence of who you are. In her loving, humorous, and often irreverent way, she welcomes you home to the newest version of you.Cara speaks your deepest truth while laughing in delight at your inner brilliance. She is a master at making you feel loved and seen so finding the place of transformation and breakthrough feels gentle and easy.

 Cara believes in owning our superpowers.  One of her favorites is clearly seeing and helping you identify and learn to use Your Own Superpowers.Like a software upgrade, her guidance enhances your function and allows self improvement.  Cultivating untapped resources within your mind and body, growth becomes exponential with her guidance. Cara is a teacher to her core. Her meditation courses, women's retreats, readings, masterminds and private coaching provide you with a life-long toolbox of energy techniques that will diminish your hurdles and empower you to navigate daily life like a ninja of joy.

Instagram: @cara_viana

For information on Cara’s classes, please email cara@caraviana.com.

Nicole Xiques
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Nicole or as her friends and family like to call her, Nico struggled to find her true voice and embrace the parts of herself that made me who her who she was. Nico shares her stories to give others the permission to share theirs.

Going through her own personal journey of discovering her empowered and unguarded soul, including working with Nadia as her coach, she created a sacred space and community for other women to fall in love with themselves, recognize their strength and live from their heart. She is here to be a supportive sister and mentor as you find your own way and she hopes you will let her be your guide.

Instagram: @unguardedheart

Lindsey Winkler
Louisville, KY

Lindsey Winkler has been a pilates instructor since 2011. Her love and passion has been to help her clients move from the inside out and have a deeper understanding of body awareness. She has also been on her own healing journey since her early twenties. It wasn't until she started dabbling with other healing modalities that Embody came into her life. All the "hard work" she had been doing to heal fell away when she started to dance away the stuck emotions that couldn't be reached or expressed through words. Lindsey believes that the internal wisdom of our body knows the way to healing. A dancer at heart. Lindsey likes to live her life like she's dancing in the streets. She is thrilled to offer Embody to help empower, heal, transform, and expand more openness in the lives and bodies of womxn in her community of Louisville, Ky.

For information on Lindsey’s classes in Louisville, check out @pilates.louisville.

Jessica Gaines
Louisville, KY

Jessica is a soul couch, intuitive channel & animal communicator. She is a bright and authentic light in this world w/ a laser-focused and dynamic mission to support as many women as possible. From codependency, alcoholism & drug addiction to a fierce and clear channel of divine love, she loves owning her own story, being a beacon of authenticity and empowering women on their path. She discovered the power of Embody as part of her own practice & is so excited to share this beautiful gift in a world where it is so needed.

For information on Jessica's classes email jessica@jessicagaines.com.

Paola Poli
Miami, FL & Milan, Italy

Paola is a passionate explorer of life who finds joy in delving into various interests and pursuits. Currently, her top 3 passions include body movement, spirituality, and nature. Alongside being an interior designer, 9 years ago after a healthy issue, Paola has embarked on a transformative spiritual journey, emphasizing the reconnection with her body, and cultivating a deep sense of self-love.

Nature is Paola's sanctuary and source of inspiration. Walking in a forest, immersing herself in the ocean's waves, or simply gazing at a starlit sky, it’s a way to reconnect with the beauty and interconnection of all living beings. After exploring yoga, ancient wisdom, nonduality and creative expressions, the interest toward dance and movement to know deeper the essence of herself, started to grow and EMBODY appeared in her life.

Through the practice of Embody she finds more freedom in her daily life, embracing the power of self-expression and experiencing the transformative effects it has on the mind, body, and spirit.

For more information on Paola's classes in Miami & Milan, check out @poli_pa  or email paolaoli.design@gmail.com.

Erin Lindstrom
Norfolk, VA

Erin Lindstrom is a cheerleader and sales strategist for high-vibe female entrepreneurs. She helps her clients achieve their business goals with a blend of down-to-earth spiritual tools and practical techniques. Erin believes that by fostering vulnerable and authentic connection, leaders can create a more powerful bond with their clients and customers, resulting in greater loyalty and deeper transformation. A dedicated community builder, Erin is also the founder of Shiny Bitches, a network for positive, conscious women to collect, connect, and collaborate. Erin frequently supports leaders in getting the most out of their communities and teams with her unique facilitation techniques. When she’s not helping her clients make more impact or income, you can find Erin playing with her two adorable kids, hanging on stage at Push Comedy Theater, or having a long conversation about life and the universe on her front porch in Norfolk, Virginia.

Instagram: @erinlindstrom

Stephanie Wagner
Northern Michigan

In early 2019, Stephanie found herself facing a significant crossroad. Her children were graduating high school, a major professional contract was coming to a close, and she felt instinctively that it was time to live the second half of her life differently. She craved more joy, more delight, more playfulness, and to step fully into her feminine power. Through a series of training and coaching sessions, she found her place as a healer of women. Stephanie became certified to teach Embody as a compliment to her coaching and Reiki practice, and as a way to help support women as they unleash the undeniable strength that is their birthright. Embody is a space to shed the rules, the shoulds and shouldn'ts, and the competitiveness that sometimes exists in the outside world. Stephanie can't wait to welcome you into her class, just as you are, because that is more than enough already.

For information on Stephanie’s classes in northern Michigan, please email stephaniewagner11@yahoo.com.

Karen Formisano
NYC & Hudson Valley

Karen is a recent addition to the Embody certification sisterhood and is excited to guide women back to their truest essence and embodied wholeness.  Dance and music have been her longest love affairs, so when she stumbled upon Nadia and an Embody class at Soul Camp in 2017, she instantly felt an awakening and a longing for more… more connection, more release, more exploration, more to uncover, more grounded internal freedom, more fun, more sensual yumminess, more truth to step into.  She was hooked on this permission slip she received to focus on her pleasure, power, and play.

Karen is a trained psychotherapist, practicing in her field for the past decade, specializing in anxiety/depression, trauma, and personal growth. Karen’s personal coaching practice, Graceful Alignment, launched in 2019 and is the way in which she is able to fuse all of her passions into a “job” she is grateful for, with a fierce devotion to each Soul she meets along her path.  Karen has utilized psychology/neuroscience, art, movement, embodiment, mindfulness, and spirituality along her own healing journey and is committed to helping others find inner peace and thriving in their lives through their own connection to their sacred authenticity.  Embody is an entry point and she would be honored to guide you at her next class/event.

For information on Karen's classes in the NYC/Hudson Valley/Western MA area email graceful.alignment@gmail.com or find her on Instagram @graceful_alignment.

JoAnne Walsh
Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

JoAnne is a coach and healer who is passionate about helping women unearth the tremendous power that lies within them. She believes that the body holds all the answers and it is our key to releasing the hurts that need to be let go and connecting us to our true selves. When we are guided by the body and are able to release stored traumas/hurts we are able to truly connect to ourselves in the most powerful way. When we are fully embodied we are more powerful, we are more wise, and we are more alive.

JoAnne courageously stepped away from her 22-year career in the health care field in 2021 to follow the calling of her soul. She is a trauma-informed Healing and Embodiment Coach, Reiki Master and Breathwork Facilitator. She is a powerful space holder who supports women through their pain and struggles with gentle grace and presence.
She is excited to add Embody Class teacher to her repertoire because of the impact it has had on her life. It has truly helped her step into her power and purpose.

Coleen Bradley
Paris, France

An avid music lover, Coleen’s fascination with dance began on the beaches on Cape Cod, where her hippie parents raised her on Pink Floyd, Stevie Nicks and Rolling Stones. She dabbled in gymnastics, ballet and diving on her winding journey through Boca Raton, New Orleans and North Carolina before she happily landed on top of bars and in nightclubs in Manhattan. Along with endless night’s out dancing, she spent 20 years as a Creative Director in Advertising. 

Now living abroad, she hopes to bring her passion for Embody with some sexy, divine femmes in Paris.

Instagram: @femmes_on_film

Katelyn Warren
Roswell, GA

Katelyn is a embodiment enthusiast who is committed to dedicating her life to helping people feel free and empowered in their own unique expressions and bodies. She approaches this both through her professional work as an occupational therapist as well as through her personal passions of studying Chinese medicine, psychospiritual healing, movement modalities, and trauma release techniques. Katelyn believes that there is a deeper level of healing possible for those who are willing to tap into the wisdom of their bodies and listen. What makes her especially passionate about this work is that she is constantly traveling on this journey herself. She is beyond excited to bring Embody to the Atlanta area and all of the incredible women there.

Instagram: @kaelwarr

Amy Pamensky
San Diego, CA

Amy Natalie is a Women's Empowerment coach, Embody Teacher, and a leader of the Feminine Rising. After experiencing her first spiritual awakening at age 27, she went through a divorce, overcame depression, and started following her true soul calling of supporting other women in their spiritual path.

For the past 8 years, Amy has supported women to overcome mindset blocks and step into alignment with their soul. Through her group programs and events, Amy brings women together in Sisterhood to grow and evolve together. Amy incorporates a healing movement/ dance class called Embody into her programs to guide women to greater self-expression and feminine empowerment. Amy is the host of the Feminine Frequency Podcast which has over 100k downloads and empowers women from all around the world.

For information on Amy's Embody classes:
E-mail: amy@amynatalieco.com
Insta: @amynatalico

Bria Anderson
San Diego, CA

Bria believes that integrous embodiment will save our planet, and she is devoted to leading the way in curating the space and permission to embrace the range of who you are as a woman, as you are, in your body. As a global digital nomad and founder of Briáli lifestyle brand (including tulle skirts!), Bria leads Embody experiences around the globe in formats including private sessions, intimate groups, and large scale events of 300+. When she's not out on the road, Bria resides in her home base of San Diego, CA and is eager to establish a community of embodied, fully expressed womxn.

For information on Bria’s classes in San Diego, check out @bali_bria.

Jax Burbage
San Diego, CA

Jacqueline (Jax) originally from FL and NJ currently lives in San Diego. She has been a Ceritfied Yoga Teacher since 2008 and recently became an Embody Instructor. Jax wholeheartedly believes in body-mind-spirit connection and that a great way to feel free/peace is to be embodied. She loves her journey from depression and alcoholism to being a strong and confident woman with tools for transformation. Jax is passionate and caring and she simply wants to share what she has experienced to help heal and grow with the community around her.

For information on Jax’s classes in San Diego, please email jaxburbage@gmail.com.

Jennifer Bleakley
San Diego, CA

Jennifer is the Owner and Chief Creative of Huntress Florals, a Southern California floral design studio. She has a diverse background in the event and floral industry, as well as yoga, psychology, meditation, art, and dance. Originally from Philadelphia, she is an avid traveler who finds inspiration in minimalism, spirituality, and foraging for different flowers, vintage treasures, and glimpses of everyday beauty.

Through her personal journey of self-discovery, shedding layers, and connection with nature, Jen has transformed her life from a sense of unfulfillment to one that is blooming on an authentic path. She is deeply moved by fleeting moments, ever-changing seasons, grief, connection, and the experiences that crack our hearts wide open. Enhancing her floral business with Embody has created an exquisite synergy of all her loves. She’s excited to share this practice, while aiming to inspire others to feel more alive, free to express their range, and awaken their own Huntress Within.

For more information on Jennifer's classes in San Diego and beyond, check out @huntressflorals, huntressflorals.com or email info@huntressflorals.com.

Mandy Kaupp
San Francisco, CA

Mandy Kaupp is an Embody teacher in San Francisco, CA. Mandy walks with womxn on the journey back into the loving embrace of their body's wisdom. In her class, you will likely feel hugged by Mandy's nurturing energy. Her carefully curated soundtracks will loosen stuck places and gently encourage you to dance with your depths as you transform disempowering feelings and unearth freedom. Outside of Embody class, Mandy oversees operations at a mental health practice and teaches S Factor feminine movement classes.

For information on Mandy’s classes in San Francisco, please email mandyjekaupp@gmail.com.

Camila Marquez
Santa Fe, NM

Camila is a life coach for changemakers, adventurer, storyteller, + creatrix who works at the intersection of creativity + social change. She holds a BA from Cornell University in Human Development //Africana Studies // Latino Studies and an MA from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Gender Analysis in International Relations // Business for Social Impact. She has been involved in the changemaking sphere for over a decade working with organizations like Free The Children, PeaceJam, Love 146, Creativity for Peace, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Camila has seen the transformative power of dance as a tool for connection + empowerment and looks forward to bringing Embody to Santa Fe, NM!

Instagram: @camilafmarquez

For information on Camila’s classes in Santa Fe, please email camilafmarquez@gmail.com.

Heather Flynn
Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

Heather has always had a love for expressing herself through movement and music. She is passionate about creating spaces for women to come together to celebrate their unique essence and beauty. Heather believes every person has the ability to connect with their bodies' intuitive wisdom, to practice self love and to more fully experience the pleasures life has to offer. She is fiercely committed to helping her students reclaim their relationships with their bodies and free themselves from any programming that may be holding them back. Heather believes in the healing power of embodied movement because she experienced this healing transformation in herself first. She would be honored to support you through your unique embodiment journey. Heather also uses her intuitive gifts and wide range of personal and professional experience to guide others to reach their biggest dreams. She offers 1:1 life, leadership and wellness coaching for ambitious individuals that are ready to claim their power, to align with their authentic nature, and to create a fulfilling life.

For more information on Heather's classes in Phoenix/Scottsdale, please email heather@heatherflynn.net or check out @heatherflynnwellness.

Misha Everts
St. Robert, MO

Misha is a mom, military spouse, holistic health coach, and self admitted hippy at heart. Misha lives in the Midwest US with her family love of nature. Embody quickly found a special place in Misha's body during her first Embody class. While dancing with 300 other women, she quickly realized how numb she had been in her core being. That class immediately led her on a journey to discover more about embodiment as a whole. She believes that the path to true health and wellness has to start in your body and not in your head. Having the tools and awareness to use the full range of emotionality is the essential magic to clearing blocks and healing for the feminine. Tapping into that magic within starts with Embody. So let's hijack the magic inside us together. See you in class.

For information on Misha’s classes in St. Robert, check out @misha.everts.

Dawn Coulton
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Dawn is an Embody Teacher from Stratford Ontario who has a zest for combining our humanness and divinity. She has always been a mover and a shaker, with a deep love of movement and energetics.

Dawn comes from a farming background, with a deep love for the earth and all of her creatures. Her work is to invite you back into your true essence as one of earth's creatures and to help guide you in finding and trusting the power of your internal compass and body wisdom. Dawn's life experiences have led her to guiding other women on their own journey of exploring the deepest parts of themselves using tools such as reiki, shamanism, embodiment, and so much more.

For information on Dawn's classes in Stratford, please email her at dawn@dawnrosemary.com.

Alia-Reneee Dye
Summit County, CO

At the beginning of quarantine, Alia was experiencing a disconnect from her sensuality -- a part of herself she always felt very connected to. Alia has been a dancer for 10 years, but felt something was missing from her dance practice. Nadia had just started up virtual classes and so the first one Alia could attend, she did. Her first Embody class WOKE. HER. UP. She felt vibrant and connected to her sacred sensuality again. Alia believes this is the key to living a juicy, embodied life, full of presence. Guided by her intuition, Alia immediately applied to become a teacher, and she's so grateful that she did (thank you, Nadia, for taking a leap of faith with me!) She looks foward to bringing Embody with her, waking women up and bringing them back home to their bodies where ever she goes.

For information on Alia’s classes in Summit County, please email areneedye@yahoo.com.

Kendra Tanner
Swansea, Wales, UK

Kendra is a trauma-informed embodiment coach guiding creative soulful leaders to feel confident in their body and business.

She believes God lives in your body, you can meet her on the dancefloor, and there’s room in your business for both.

She offers a flavour of trauma-informed embodiment that invites full cooperation with the felt-sense of your body. Whether through Embody or coaching, you’re guided to connect with all layers of yourself, trust your inner compass, and make the ‘just right’ moves that align with who you are.

She’s a trainer for the Embody Certification, co-creates the podcast Conversations on Being Human, and is writing her first book under some ancient trees in Wales.

Connect with Kendra at www.kendra-tanner.com, Instagram: @kendra.tanner and Facebook: @kendratannercoaching.

Chantel Covey-Lane
Sydney, Australia

Chantel Covey-Lane is the first qualified Embody teacher from Sydney, Australia. Chantel discovered Embody while on her own healing journey that took her around the world seeking many different healers, doctors and practitioners. It is Chantel’s goal to empower women to reclaim their bodies and their power to heal themselves and rediscover their vitality and passion for life. With a background in dance and music Chantel is a strong and encouraging teacher whose superpower is helping people truly drop into their bodies and go that little bit deeper to release what they are ready to let go of. Transformation, empowerment and rediscovering the freedom within no matter what ailments you may carry is what you can expect from a class with Chantel.

For information on Chantel’s classes in Sydney, check out @morganrenaldo.

Rachel Tudor
Tulum, Mexico

Hi there - My name is Rachel Tudor and I am a yoga, meditation, (and now Embody!) guide in Tulum, Mexico. I’m so blessed to have spent the last five years traveling around the world teaching and learning holistic wellness practices. Some of my dearest takeaways from my travels and practices lie within the deep value of learning to know, celebrate, and trust oneself & the divinity within. While yoga and meditation dropped me in, Embody took my connection to my body’s brilliance to the next level. I am wildly ecstatic to add Embody to my teachings and share this magic. Creating a safe space for women to honor their range and experience their radiance feels like a dream come true.

For information on Rachel's classes in Tulum, Mexico find her on Instagram @racheltudoryoga.

Sue Bahnan
West Hartford, CT

Hi loves! My name is Sue. I believe in a world where the full range of our human expression, in all of its beauty and all of its mess, is cherished and respected - especially when it comes to women and the innate genius of our feminine bodies. Everyday, I live to create inviting spaces of inclusion and exploration for womxn everywhere. I welcome you in, exactly as you are, and together we celebrate the raw, sexy, angry, tender, sweet, sassy, powerful nature of all that courses through you!

With an MS in Neuroscience and an MA in Psychology & Spirituality, I bring a unique scientific and trauma-informed approach to the art of feminine movement. In addition to being a certified Embody teacher, I am also a certified HeartMath Coach, guiding my clients towards greater emotional intelligence and inner resilience by tuning into the innate intelligence of the heart and the body.

I believe that as we begin to let go and allow our bodies to speak, we discover an entirely new language of playful self expression, sensual magnetism, and powerful grace. From this space, the body already knows how to regulate and heal. So that even when the storms rage, we can both anchor into our center while always staying true to who we are. Come play, discover and unleash your truth with me!

For information on Sue's classes in West Hartford, CT email suebahnan@gmail.com or find her on Instagram @suebahnan.

Chantelle Adams
West Kelowna, BC, Canada
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