Become the Lover & Leader You’ve Always Envisioned
December 3, 2021
Join us for a recalibration of your entire being.

Let's dream and envision together.

In this special edition of the Embody Effect, we point our hearts and minds toward the new year.

We shed the feelings of overwhelm, stuckness, and uninspired. We find balance in the masculine & feminine, and we use those powers to weave your vision together. We get grounded and get in our bodies. We get clear on who you want to be in the coming days, months, and year ahead.
Using my signature method, we will vision a different way.
An embodied way. 

Women have been raving about the Embody Effect.
“It felt as good as an hour of great sex.”
“This is otherworldly. The ways I was able to feel, move and be so present…”
“I wasn’t ready for it to come to an end.“ 

In this one day virtual event, we will journey deep into your body to find the lover & leader within you.
To feel her ache and touch her ecstasy.
To breathe in her longing and taste her heart.
To sink her teeth into her sensuality and anchor in her power.

Whether you’re loving, leading, or trying to balance both…

Embody by Nadia™ is a practice that will support your body and spirit.

This is for you if you are somewhere along the way, your truth and authentic expression got lost.
If you’ve forgotten how to access pleasure in your body and ecstasy in your exhale.
If you’re wanting to feel confident and grounded in your power.
And you’re ready to liberate yourself from the “shoulds” and magnetize through play.
“Finding Embody has cracked me back open and has given me clear vision on where I want to go. I recommend Embody to any woman who wants to live an orgasmic life.”
- Alia D.
“Embody has a way of taking you further than you think you can go.”
- Nina C.
“I wasn’t expecting to learn exactly who I was… to really step into me and meet ME.”
- Misha E.
As we approach the close of this year...
No more urgency and overwhelm. No more tight chests as we look at the to-do list of our vision.⁠ Nope, we don't do that anymore. ⁠

We dance.⁠

We breathe.⁠

We feel. ⁠

We step into Embodied Leadership.⁠

Then we vision. 
Friday, December 3rd
10am - 2pm PST
This workshop includes almost 4 hours with me, Nadia.

You will move.
You will open your mind and your heart

to the possibilities that await you.
You will get clear on your vision for the new year
in a way that feels whole & embodied.

You will have the experience you need for your place
on your journey.

The event will be recorded & the replay will be available for a limited time.
Embodiment is the new revolution.
We are in a very unique moment in history between two paradigms.

And the answer lies in you,

...In your body.

Registration for this event has closed.
Please contact us at if you have any questions.
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